A Godly Man Will Still Want You

This post is hard for me to write because I am going to have to be incredibly transparent. Transparency freaks me out. Being vulnerable is uncomfortable and scary. Something about looking weak really gets to me and I struggle with remembering how vulnerability can allow God to work inside of me and uplift others around me who may be struggling, as well.

If you’re anything like me, you like to be yourself. I choose to embrace my quirky, different and unique qualities. I decided when I came to college that I wanted people to love me for me instead of someone I wasn’t. Although I found plenty of friends, guys and girls, who loved me for me, I still happen to be incredibly insecure about it. Why?

This post is meant for Christian women, like myself, who struggle with one question:

Will I ever be good enough for a Godly man?

We live in a world that is saturated in sin. It is literally dwelling in its core. It is damp and dark and cold. But then there are little lanterns like yourself who, instead of looking forward, look down at the scars left from the encounters of this sinful world. You look at your mistakes, flaws and faults and you can’t seem to move on.

Although your light may be dim right now, remember that sometimes freedom can be the hardest thing to grasp when we have lived a life as slaves to sin. Your scars may be distracting but remember the scars of He who broke your chains of slavery.

I often catch myself spending time in Scripture and hearing something in my head tell me I’m not good enough for so-and-so because he likes pretty, clean-cut Godly women and I’m not good enough to obtain any of those qualities.

Satan is deceiving you. Look at you! Your prayers and tears are heard and acknowledged by a Father who gave everything to let you be free. Although singleness is a trial now, it will eventually become a gift when you continue to lean and depend on Him with everything you are.

And remember, just as you are showered with such grace, so are the Godly men.

These men are not good men because of their accomplishments but by grace and grace alone. They are draped in mercy and are under the same blanket as you.

That being said it’s going to be a little bit of a wait for God’s man for you. You need to choose trust over discouragement. Your husband will be someone who is going to teach you more about God’s grace and right now in singleness, God is teaching you an incredible amount. So don’t let Satan put your light out.

Your future husband will want you not in spite of what you have done, but because you are God’s daughter. He will want you because you echo his attachment to Grace. This is not about proving yourself. This is about a walk with God.

Because, to your husband, he is undeserving of a love such as yours.

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 ESV

You are loved.



24 thoughts on “A Godly Man Will Still Want You

  1. I really love this blog post. I am a college guy and a lot of this stuff applies to me too. I am looking for a godly woman but I don’t believe in my heart that I’ll ever be good enough for her. She’s always going to be out of my league. Not only for her beauty but her love for the Lord and his love for her. I have to wait for him to bring her into my life. And the waiting sucks

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  2. Thank you for your transparency. You allowed the Father to speak through you to reach not just those in your generation. Singleness can be a trial at any stage in life. It can return even after you think it is gone. I’ve been reminded again and again exactly what you just shared- it’s a time of refinement, dependence on Him and strengthening of the absolute most important relationship one could ever have…the deep relationship with one’s Creator!

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  3. If you think there is a God, be sure to remember that this so called “God” kicked his feet up on his desk and watched millions of jews brutally murdered and DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    “Godly” man …”Godly” woman. What Kool Aid have you been drinking. Why does your writing voice sound like such a bible beating preacher. Here is some good advice, stop taking religion as life and death.. I hope one day people start picking up Science books instead of bibles to learn that people “want” other people because of hormonal attraction, common interest, attractiveness and personality. Notice how I didn’t mention religion. In the words of christianmingle.com “gods match for you” simply does not exist, you are compatible with an infinite number of people. If you believe that this sky fairy watched thousands of years or adam and eve inner breeding with each other just so you can write this lame blog post about how “godly men” still want you then I feel incredibly sorry for you. Lets care about serious issues like world hunger, human rights issues and climate change. Religious fanatics just end up flying planes into buildings.

    “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” (I Corinthians 14:34-35)


    1. Jack, I hear you! It’s hard to believe someone who is all powerful will let people die, but truth is, we deserve death because of sin. If you don’t believe in God, then this post probably wasn’t meant for you. No hard feelings. I respect you and your beliefs but I won’t be flying any planes into buildings. Have a good day!


      1. Nobody deserves death unless they have caused death. We are not born sinners. We make mistakes and that is life, its not some super natural thing that religious people make it out to be. Every species on the planet earth goes through the same thing we do…it is called learning/evolving. What kind of sick egotistical god would be so vindictive and jealous that he would need so many rules and regulations, and then put us here and expect us to worship him every 10 minutes, and if we make any mistakes we have to ask for forgiveness or go to hell?!?!…give me a break. This guy is a egomaniac worst than Trump…. The whole theory that god wants you to die for you sins is ludicrous. I am a good person, I help people when needed. I take care of my family. I didnt need a bible to do that, I never needed “Gods” help. I have done just fine and will continue to do so. The fact is you dont need a bible in order to be a good person, if that book wasnt here people would still be good. The part that I find so said about believers is the fact that Christianity is simply a copy-and-paste off of older religions.


      2. Zealous Love,
        I too see Jack’s point, but don’t fully comprehend it, and certainly don’t feel it. So I place Faith in God. There are at least 3 reasons I can share as to why I feel this as I do as follows and I will raise 1 key question for you:

        1. The fact that we (Say you and I) can have such profound feelings for others tells me that this came from not mere chance, but from a creator who must also have this same capacity and so we call it God.
        2. So God as a creator, doesn’t mean he can then destroy or kill, like people can or can he? I can find only one case in the Bible where he causes death to man turning flesh into stone (ie. Sodom and Gomorrah); otherwise, every other case he sent a flood, and other natural disasters to wipe out life. Question is then, why did he kill the woman who looked back?
        3. There is not escaping Jesus’ Miracles…they did happen and were not made up because, .too many non-believers also witnessed them over ~ 3 year period plus, fearful poor down-and-out believers of God too, who would never LIE about this else go to hell. Same thing applies to to the men who wrote the Bible as they were among these people. So, it only follows that Jesus WAS God in the flesh. Did Jesus ever destroy any human while he was here? No. He couldn’t even save his own flesh from being crucified.

        So God can create and then take our SPIRITUAL Souls into heaven or send them to hell. Can you come up with any other examples where God outright killed someone without using natural disasters?

        I cannot fully place Faith in humans as I’ve had too much adversity and hate to say this, at the hands of the opposite gender (excluding my Godly mother), as 100s of ladies throughout my life either wanted a piece of my sexual flesh and/or money first and foremost. And if they didn’t get that, they’d shun me or make my life hellish. SO I turn to God and keep men only as friends since women don’t want this from me even though I’d like it from them like sisters.

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    2. First off, I just want to clarify something, I am NOT apart of a religion, I have a personal relationship with Christ. I worship a Savior who lives, not a martyr who died. Religion does nothing for me because religion is following a set of rules and procedures that you get to check off your list. If my church burnt down, it would just be a burnt building. However, the Church would still be alive because the real church is every person who has a relationship with Jesus Christ and has Him inside of them. God gave us a gift called free will. He gave us the choice to love Him back or to not. He doesn’t want to force us into worshipping Him, but for us to do it freely without abandon. And to address your statement about God doing nothing about the Jews in WWII, you are incorrect about that. God gave free will not only to believers but to unbelievers as well. The people who slaughtered Jews, unfortunately did it for their own personal gain. You cannot blame God for something that He did not do and for what mankind did. I’m assuming you appreciate the fact that every time you have a negative thought God doesn’t yell from the sky for everyone to hear what you are thinking. Believe it or not, the sin you committed in your head is the same in God’s eyes as the sin of murder. The earthly consequences may differ but there is no sin greater than another with God. Think of it like this, the world is like a classroom with God as the teacher and humans as the students. Life is just one giant test. God gives us the material to study for it and some do while some don’t. The only person who has and will ever make a 100 on it is Jesus. If we don’t study and take the test blind, without a doubt we are going to fail. God purposely puts us through things in life that we cannot handle on our own and the only way to get through it is to have faith that He will see us through it.

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  4. I have been struggling with this a lot over the past couple years. I attend a christian college and I sit around and watch all these couples wind up together. My thoughts then turn to why can’t that be me and then turn into thoughts of why I am unworthy of a love blessed by God. It is truly one of my greatest desires (aside from simply helping people). I have discussed this with friends and this blog post hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It was exactly what I needed to read.

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    1. Wow I’m so glad it could reach you in such a way!!! I am the same way. My best friend has met the love of her life and I’m sitting here thinking, “So what did I do wrong?” However, it is such a blessing to be reminded of a love greater than any guy could offer. Thanks for your feedback!

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  5. It really is hard to ever wonder if anyone will truly be enough for their Godly opposite. But the beauty of God is that He accepts us as we are, not as we want to or should be. I really enjoyed reading to get a feel of a girl’s perspective of it 😊
    Thank you for writing this and have a blessed day in following what God has for you.

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  6. This is so incredible. I need to read this over and over to myself basically every day. There is so much truth. Thank you for writing something that is so encouraging to me. God bless you.
    In Christ,
    Hannah Wilson

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    1. Hi Hannah! I’m so glad this spoke to you!!! I struggle with the same thing which is why I shared it! I pray God will become satisfying to you and you will find peace in knowing grace is covering you!


  7. I can see jack’s point but I don’t feel it. I can only think of one example from the Bible wherein God destroys human flesh directly, and was the woman who looked back in Sodom and Gomorrah. Every other destruction came when God sent natural disasters. This begs the question, can God go further than creating and sending the spiritual souls into heaven and hell? In other words, can God prevent mankind from killing each other?

    Points I’d like to make:
    1. For anyone who doubts jesus’ Miracles, he was followed by tens of thousands both non-believers and believers, over ~ 3 year period. The believers were among the poorest and afflicted around whom, IF they LIED they’ felt they’d go to hell. So it follows, the Miracles did happen as written by those who saw them.
    2. The Miracles were so variable and stunning that only a divine power in the flesh could pull them off. It then follows that Jesus had to be God in the flesh. Did Jesus ever take a human life? No. This still doesn’t excuse the fact that God (or was it satan), took that woman’s life when she turned back. The KEY sharing of all though is this > I cannot think of one case where God stepped in when a human was going to kill another one, and directly stopped this from happening. He didn’t do it w.r.t. the Jews and this is why Jack cannot comprehend this. Perhaps, the life hereafter is just to wonder compared tow what was coming, given that I repeat, maybe God cannot prevent one killing another? Otherwise, it doesn’t add up as Jack has said.
    3. I personally, do not place Faith in mankind accept, for my parents and child. I have incurred far too much adversity for instance, from so many females in my life who desired first and foremost, money and/or my flesh. As a loving peaceful kindly man, the “nice guy” has never been what actually all of them wanted as part of mating. And there have been 100s of them over a long period. Security in other words, for them and their children to be or to come, was #1.


  8. Hey hey hey, just wanted to drop in and say thank you for letting God speak through you so eloquently a message that I, and every other woman, really needs to hear every day. Like Hannah, I find myself re-reading this every few weeks when I start to listen to the enemy’s lies, and sending it to my friends when they’re struggling. You are wise and I’m thankful that this blog found its way to me. God is good and knows I needed this. -Kate

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